If you are looking for any extra modifications to your car in order to stand out from the crowd then NMA can help you with:

​​* Bespoke air induction kits (stainless steel piping, K&N, BMC, etc)

* Custom exhaust modifications (high flow cats, performance exhausts, end mufflers etc)

* Sport suspension installations and lowering kits​​ as official TEIN dealers

* Sprint Booster for selectable throttle response

* Top quality body kits fully painted and fitted

* Turbo external valves, turbo timers​​​​
Audi A3 - Lowered by 25mm, installed performance air filter and exhaust modigication

Review by Customer:

'I am incredibly happy with all work carried out on my car by NMA, Nick is a true professional and a great person to work with, He is upfront and honest and will answer all questions without hesitation'.
Audi TFSI - A showcase of our intake modifications 

For our intake kits we use the best quality silicone hoses, aluminium or stainless steel pipes and quality air filters. In addition we will properly measure diameters to actually increase power with an intake.

We use quality air filters to gain the high quality filtration we need in Cyprus and lifetime usage. 
VW Golf 6 TSI 160hp - tuned to 211 bhp and full R20 body kit installed

The Body kit transformed the smiley looking Golf to this Monster...
Review by customer fot the ECU tuning:

"Παρα τις αρχικες επιφυλαξεις μου για επαναπρογραμματισμο του εγκεφαλου, μετα απο μελετη σχετικα με την δουλεια της NMA αποφασισα να το δοκιμασω. Ειμαι απολυτα ευχαριστημενος με το αποτελεσμα, εχω δυναμη σε ολο το φασμα των στροφων και βελτιωση στην οικονομια καυσιμου."
Induction, Exhaust, Suspension and other modifications