The economy tuning we offer is based on the latest software available for each vehicle. We will alter the car parameters so that your car will burn no excess fuel. In addition your car will have slightly more power so that the acceleration will become easier and therefore more efficient. On top of that your car will be adapted to the Cypriot climate which will increase the efficiency, reliability and longevity of your car.

​​​​Save fuel and money with the NMA Economy tuning services and products that are available for most production cars, 4x4’s and vans. We can offer:

- Up to 20% improved fuel economy
- Improved fuel consumption and reduced emissions (subject to Vehicle type)
​- Enhanced and sharper throttle response
- Smoother and more progressive power delivery
- Power and torque improvements

Blue Optimize fuel economy tuning has been internationaly recognised as world class leading technology and has won the UK Chamber of commerce “Innovation In Technology" award for 2011.

​​NMA can BlueOptimize your car for more efficiency.
Before NMA economy tuning
After NMA economy tuning
Because we do not just make it up. See the effect of a basic remap on a 2008 E220 CDI on economy.

1lt per 100km saving, so for the 4651km travelled the driver saved 46,5lt of diesel. That translates to arround 70 EUROS​ saving in just 4650kmin addition to the extra power of arround 35bhp gained from the specific remap.

If the remap was specifically for economy savings would be higher.​​​​​
Economy Tuning