At NMA we have been solving effectively and successfully the problems related to a DPF for many years now and we guarantee that the vehicle will be:

- safe and healthy for many years to come
- will pass MOT and all other regulations
- will be smoother to drive and will never give you DPF issues again.

​​​​​A diesel particulate filter (DPF) can be troublesome, particularly for Cyprus cars that do not complete the regeneration cycles as expected. As a result a DPF removal and remapping can save you money and can also improve yous cars performance and reliability.

​​At NMA we specialise in all areas of vehicle remapping and tuning and via our advanced software and skills we can successfully delete the DPF from the vehicle. The vehicle will perform as if it was developed by the manufacturer to work without a DPF.

To complement our extensive performance, economy and C02 reduction tuning, we also offer a range of other Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) services such as cleaning and regeneration. ​​

In its standard form a vehicles Diesel Particulate Filter, or DPF cycle can create lots of trouble and damage to your vehicle for a number of reasons. So to reduce driver inconvenience and costly repairs we can tune or remove or delete the DPF function allowing for improved reliability, servicing and performance.

Nearly all diesel particulate filters will cause trouble to the car especially in Cyprus. 
If you would like further information on Diesel Particulate Filer (DPF) removal, tuning or other NMA service please contact us.

Catalytic Converter (Decat and tuning)

To complement our extensive petrol engine performance, economy and C02 reduction tuning, we also offer a range of catalytic converter delete (removal), installation of high flow cats and remapping services.

In its standard form a vehicles catalytic converter, or CAT can be very restrictive causing the cars performance to decrease and the fuel consumption to rise. N.M.A. can tune or remove or exchange the cat with a more modern one allowing for improved performance, economy, reliability and servicing.
Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Removal and reprogramming
What is a DPF for?

The DPF collects soot (the black smoke from diesel cars) while the car is running. At some point then the DPF is full and needs to be cleaned. So at that time an automated regeneration process will begin to automatically clean it but only if certain parameters are met.

By removing the DPF correctly, you save your car from working overtime to clean the DPF and you benefit from increased fuel economy.
Nissan Navara with removed DPF

After removing the DPF from the Navara 2.5D we also reprogrammed it for beter fuel economy and more power. We achieved a 3mpg reduction in fuel consumption and 21bhp gain in power.
EGR Delete (Deactivating EGR and remapping engine)

In addition to all the services we offer we can also delete the vehicles EGR. The key for the EGR deletion is to be done properly.

At NMA we are able to deactivate the EGR and remap the engine to work properly without the risk of overheating or placing excess pressure on engine components.

If you are planning on any service from us it is a good opportunity to do an EGR mod at a special price.​​​​