The Fleet Approach

At NMA we aim to help Cypriot Companies decrease their fuel expenses as much as possible. The modifications performed by our engineers on the company vehicles can cut the fuel cost by as much as 20%. The procedure is simple and inexpensive compared to the fuel savings.

​​Due to the advanced technological equipment, NMA can also perform the required modifications at your own work area so that your daily plan will be unaffected. We can recalibrate the ECU to deliver outstanding results:


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Company and Fleet Management Tuning for Reduced Vehicle Running Costs

NMA offer a range of customer services especially aimed at fleet operators and company vehicles, to reduce vehicle running costs and C02 production. We’ve helped private motorists small and large fleet operators save many euros spent on fuel.

NMA’s Special Projects Team is dedicated to working with Fleet Operators and Driver Trainers, providing solutions through research and development to help reduce fuel bills and lower vehicle emissions.

Fleet Management Services

We offer ECU enhancement services including performance modifications, torque and driveability tuning, economy, carbon emission reduction, and fault identification and correction.

NMA has developed a name and reputation for providing cost effective consultation and research and development for some of the world’s best known fleet operators, automotive manufacturers, race teams, vehicle stylists and tuners alike. All our work is carried out under none disclosure agreements.

How much can you save?

Based on the Cypriot roads and conditions, company cars, both large vans, lorrys or any small city van can be tuned to improve fuel economy. 

An estimate of how much you can save is roughly 15% of fuel on an average journey. So, is it worth it?

Most of our customers have  made up the tuning cost in 3 months. And best of all, the tuning is done once for a lifetime. You always save.​​​​
Common company questions:

Will I loose my warranty?
No chance. The economy programming we will perform will not affect the engine components in any way.

Will I have any excess maintenance costs?
Usually after an NMA ecu tune the car runs much smoother. This makes the car maintenance costs no higher than standard ones.

What about if I change vehicles in 3 years? Can I transfer the tune?
Unfortunately no. At NMA we tune each vehicle independently, i.e. custom tune it in order to achieve the best possible results. The tuning however can be fully reversible.​​​​