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We cover 90% of the EUROPEAN cars in the market today and many of the Japanese and American ones.

Additionally we cover Motorcycles, Boats, Buses, Tractors and Trucks.

However we are able to offer other solutions if your car is not covered. Tuning potential is endless.

Dear customers, unlike other tuning companies we do not state performance gains or fuel savings for the cars since every car is in very different condition, maintenance status and may have other modifications.

Alternatively we prefer direct contact in order for you to gain relative and specific information for your own car or other vehicle. 

Fill the form and click submit and our technical team will come back to you very soon irrespective of day or time.
We CONTINUE to develop new techniques and continue to develop on the subject of ECU tuning along with all new cars on the road today.​​

NMA’s tuning services are carried out using some ofthe very latest and most advanced tuning software available. Our development engineers are among the world's leading experts in the field of vehicle tuning. Our tuning programs have been developed and tested to deliver the very best results. NMA is the only tuning provider to be fully insured, guaranteedand ISO Certified – Please feel free to ask for details of our customer satisfaction and feedback – We leave nothing to chance.
Most vehicles can be covered by either our ECU tuning services and other applications. Please use the form to see how NMA can help you unlock your vehicle's potential.

With NMA

We are always in conjunction with pioneers in tuning engines for enthusiastic drivers. No one else in Cyprus has invested the time, money and effort into research and development or has the technological know-how when it comes to ecu tuning.

​​As a result we have customers coming from all Cyprus cities to have their cars tuned here. Not because we promise huge power but because we can custom tune the car to a SAFE power level. 

Are you happy with everything? Would you like additional help or advice about your car? Get in touch at: 

Tel: 24659984, 96371640​

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