Welcome to NMA Tuning Technologies & Ambizas Garage

​​Our aim is to provide a range of  quality automotive related services to our customers which include: custom ECU remapping and ​engine tuning,
​fault diagnostics, ​testing and repair of ecu's, ​servicing, body and interior modifications​, DPF, EGR, FLAP removals

Custom ECU tuning and remapping with warranty and safety.

​The tuning we provide is done by us and is customized to your vehicle and requirements. We even provide a full money back guarantee of 15 Days.

​A custom tune by NMA TECHNOLOGIES will take into account your own cars characteristics such as condition, component wear, maintenance status and your required result. ​

​​In case you need anything else than our own custom tuning we can also provide a ready made tune from the worlds top tuners such asBSR, VIEZU, BRABUS, ECU UNLEASHED, ALIENTECH, DIMSPORT, CMD, ALPINA, and many others.

​​To guarantee our work and to work safely we use the best equipment and tools available in the world to date. Therefore your own pride and joy is safe with us.

Ambizas​ GARAGE
Custom Street Vehicles - Fault Diagnostics​